5th Migration Wave

The 4th wave of immigrants from Ukraine started in 1987. Since Russia’s attack on Ukraine in 2014, the migration stream from Ukraine to the U.S. has experienced significant change, to the point that we can talk about a 5th wave of migration. We describe different aspects of this wave, from its age-sex structure to language spoken at home and settlement patterns. First, we show the yearly number of migrants from 2014 to 2022. Second, as the 2020 ACS survey had problems due to COVID-19, we do not include 2020 data in our analysis. Third, we compare the 2022 migrants with the 2014 – 2021 migrants to show that the 2022 invasion significantly changed the 5 th wave. Fourth, we present detailed characteristics of the 5 th wave by year of immigration.

2014-21 and 2022

Yearly Indicators